GICLEES! GICLEES! GICLEES! As close as you can get to the original!

Back in the late nineties I did an unusual piece titled "LionHound".  I wasn't sure how it would be received but within the Ridgeback world it was, and still is, a runaway hit! Now, decades later, here I am seriously and actively pursuing and exploring that theme again. The list is endless but can be summarized by some key rules: It always involves a Purebred Dog and either it's Original Purpose and History or a Passion within the breed. Quite simple really and very, very interesting!!! 

The "GEMINI Series" title comes from my sister - she's good at that sort of thing. :)

"GEMINI SERIES:  Gemini is the legendary dualistic sign of the zodiac and is rumored to have almost a split persona, thus channeling the twin depiction."